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"I hope by sharing my story, it will help others, especially our Indigenous youth, who may be struggling with life's adversities and are looking for ways to persevere and be successful in life, no matter the circumstances."

- Steven McCoy

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Steven McCoy is a straight-forward talking and striking story-teller who draws upon his own life experiences of overcoming obstacles and hardships in life to achieve happiness and success. 

Steven captivates his audience with vivid imagery and challenges them to step up and accept responsibility for how they want to live their lives.  With an engaging personality and dynamic approach, Steven's journey is one that will stir your emotions and inspire hope from within.


About Steven

 Seasoned Speaker  |  Entrepreneur  |  Ojibwe  |  Survivor  

Steven faced many struggles through life such as poverty, bullying, racism, neglect and abuse.

Most children were playing with toys and learning how to tie their shoes in kindergarten.  Steven memorized phone numbers to local taverns instead because he had an absent alcoholic mother and his biological father left before he was born.

Living off-reserve, he faced a lot of racism growing up as a kid in the city while being excluded by his own First Nation community and family.


As a teenage, he dropped out of high school due to a turbulent home life to work full-time and support himself.  In his early twenties, a freak bicycle accident nearly took his life and permanently disfigured his face.  In his early thirties, he found himself homeless at one point.

But through perseverance, education, positive self-talk and a burning desire to break the cycle he was born into, Steven overcame major adversities to become a first-generation college and university graduate, award-winning entrepreneur, home owner and provider, community philanthropist, volunteer and an inspiration to those around him.

He now shares his story in hopes of inspiring others to pursue their true potential, no matter what life circumstances they may be facing.

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"It has been proven time and again that perseverance in the face of adversity is the key to changing your life circumstances."

- Steven McCoy

"Very moving and inspiring."

- Carolyn Hepburn, Director of Indigenous studies, Sault College

"Impassioned and insightful speaker."

"He will challenge your way of thinking."

- Rob Furlonger, Executive Director, Ontario First Nations Economic Developers Association

- Karen Bird, Branch Director, RBC Dominion Securities


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Ontario, Canada

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